En estos momentos me encuentro en Finlandia realizando una residencia artística en la SAARI RESIDENCE gestionada por la KONE FOUNDATION. Adjunto un resumen del proyecto en el que estoy trabajando aquí, y que también figura en la web de la fundación junto con una descripción detallada de las características de la residencia. Más adelante iré incorporando al blog imágenes e información sobre el desarrollo del proyecto.

Project Title

“Artwork production and theoretical research as part of the Master’s degree final project developed within the postgraduate program Art: Production and Research of the Polytechnic University of Valencia”

Project Summary

The work I have been carrying out the last few years of artistic production could be described as a “dialog with the image”. Image considered not only as something two-dimensional, but as something more vast and complex, directly related with the way we perceive, represent and transform the world surrounding us. And a dialogue, pointing out the importance language has both, in our perception processes and in our capacity of reflection. This articulation is what we can see in most of my recent works, focused from the relation between the images humans produce inside an artistic context, and the theoretical and critical discourses that dial with them, condensed in something we can classify as metaimages, namely second-order visual reflections on what the images themselves are.

The project I want to develop during my stay in the Saari Residence consists in the production of a series of works/installations which are the progression of this research line, going further into the thought about representation, media and the technological image. This will be made in parallel to the writing of the essay that will include this practical dimension while deepens into some of the latest approaches to the image within art theory and visual culture studies.